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Take a Chance

When’s the last time you took a risk? Why? Or should I say – why not? Many of us associate risk taking with youth – that sparkling time which we think will never end, when excitement is easily found, and lack of experience makes everything new – and mistakes, plentiful. […]

First Love: Not What We See in the Movies

By Chloe Jeffreys Our first loves are rarely our lasting loves, but that doesn’t stop our inexperienced hearts from throwing all caution to the wind and believing they’ll last forever. I knew everlasting first love existed because I’d seen it in movies. What would begin as a strong dislike-at-first-sight would […]


Curious George? As a child, I loved that mischief-making little monkey, and the curious streak that led to his charming misadventures. I admire curiosity, and individuals who act on it. Of course, we all know that it poses problems if taken to an extreme. But doesn’t this particular trait offer […]

Numbers Do Not Lie

We’d been at it for several hours, side by side, each of us on our laptops. Spread on the small ottoman pressing against my knees were stacks of old tax forms. On the chair beside me, two more folders with notes and figures. We actually began the process days ago, […]

Judge Not, Lest… Well, You Know How It Goes.

I could blame the unsettled mood on the dream, a sort of reunion – college I think. And I haven’t attended a reunion of any sort in nearly 20 years. There were women everywhere – from their twenties through their sixties – as well as an old boyfriend, displaced in […]