For Love or Money: Pursuing Your Passion

So which is it – pursue your passion hoping you can succeed, or follow the money motivation instead? Is the question simplistic? As a parent, I advised my children to do what they love if they can – in particular, to explore whatever catches their fancy while they’re still young. […]

Ask. More. Questions.

Relationship epiphany: Ask more questions. If anything is wrong in your relationship with hubby or the kids or the best friend, or you even sense there may be something awry – ask questions. Do. It. Now. None of us can read minds – not our children’s, not our spouses, not […]

Schedule Be Damned?

I have a new theory on relationship success. Here goes. What couples do for a living is a significant factor in how well they get along, certainly over the long haul. Obvious, you say? Not so much. Don’t we still instruct our daughters to marry a good provider – a […]

If You’re Not Part of the Solution…

When I saw her number pop up on the phone, I was tickled. Catching up on this and that with an old friend, we started unloading about a series of challenges that we’ve both been dealing with. Isn’t it great when you have a friend like that? You can laugh, […]