Adaptable Is Good, Isn’t It?

Some say women are chameleons, especially if they have a romantic “target” in mind. So where is the line between being flexible, adaptable, open to change… versus inauthentic? Some say we all tell our spouses, significant others and friends whatever they want to hear — to quiet a storm that […]

Judge Not, Lest… Well, You Know How It Goes.

I could blame the unsettled mood on the dream, a sort of reunion – college I think. And I haven’t attended a reunion of any sort in nearly 20 years. There were women everywhere – from their twenties through their sixties – as well as an old boyfriend, displaced in […]

The Silent Treatment vs Talking Through the Rough Patches

When your lover or spouse doesn’t want to talk, what do you do? Nag him until he spills whatever is going on? Allow time to do its thing, hoping eventually he opens up? How about a few other options? Ways to gently encourage communication through the rough patches that occur […]

Knowing When to Quit

When you are raised to fight for what you want, to persevere against the odds, and you are taught that quitting is an act of weakness – knowing when to quit is a tough call. Doing it, even tougher. Naturally, context is important. “Quit while you’re ahead” works fine for […]

Bad Relationship Choices

We’re chatting about relationships. A string of bad relationships – and bad relationship choices. Mine. I insist that I never saw the end coming. Or for that matter, I didn’t predict the less than happy “middle” either. “We all have choices,” he says to me. “Some of us may have […]