When Sex Is Glue

In addressing the issue of low sex drive recently, I told the tale of a long-ago partner who had virtually no desire for me and I suspect, for anyone else. It wounded me deeply. It caused the end of the relationship. That is not the only time I had to […]

When “No” Should Go…

I’m a believer in Just Say No. But not to talk, especially with intimate partners, and in particular when it deals with sex. So let’s say YES to sex talk. And let’s start with saying no. Saying “no” to sex with zero explanation is a Big Bad Idea. This may […]

Ambivalence (in Love and Marriage)

Ambivalence. The word rolls around in your head with irritating insistence, and you ask yourself if ambivalence is an emotion or a set of feelings or a state of being — one in which the battle of conflicting thoughts is so evenly matched as to leave you unable to pick […]

“Discordant Expectations in Marriage”

Here’s one way to explain the dilemma: Men and women have “discordant expectations in marriage.” Now you may assume I’m about to expound on the frequency of divorce and rationale behind it, but that isn’t the case. In fact, the reference to discordant marital expectations is drawn from a New […]

Silence is Golden?

At first I thought the headline about not speaking to your spouse was a joke. Surprised to see an article on the benefits of marital silence, I was intrigued. In fact, the article in Time touts the advantages of not dealing with conflict, especially when talking about marriage as a […]