On Being the “Husband”… Not a Bad Gig

I am the recipient of a pleasant kiss on the cheek, with no worries about the children or shopping or dinner. I am the husband, the traditional husband, and it’s not a bad gig. My mind is focused on research I need to complete, meetings at 10 and 11, project […]

Marriage Camp

So… Which marriage camp do you pledge your allegiance to? Do you choose Option 1, that our venerable family institution is bent and bruised, and our legal unions are far worse off than they once were? Would you incline instead toward Option 2, that marriage is “evolving” and we should […]

Emotional Availability: Connection Is Not All or Nothing

We talk about emotional availability as if it is a single dimension of a willingness or capacity to emotionally attach. To connect. And we approach that emotional connection as if it is all or nothing. It seems to me that I, like others, too often address this and related topics […]

Next Logical Steps

This past weekend I found myself at a dinner party, and I can’t recall the last time I attended a gathering of this sort. The conversation hummed along, buoyed by the fact that most of the attendees were teachers and they could talk about anything. The hosts were gracious and […]

Marriage Minded Men!

It works every time. Ten tips for this. Ten things you don’t know. It gets your attention, doesn’t it? Yesterday I came across 10 Things a Man Should Know About Marriage. The fact that this series of snippets was directed at men? That made it even more irresistible – advice […]