Thumbs Up to Bribery… In Moderation

Let’s call it what it is. Bribery. Euphemistically, we’re talking about the carrot over the stick. It’s positive reinforcement over negative reinforcement… on smile-inducing steroids. Come on. We know we use it on our kids, we use it on our colleagues, we sugar coat it and then dole it out […]

Will Parents Pardon the Bad Boyfriend?

Haven’t we all had a boyfriend or girlfriend we brought home to mom or dad, only to sense the chilly response – or overly effusive welcome? Some of us may be relieved when our parents like the person we’re falling for. We see them smile, and we know all is […]

Why Kids Are Hard on Marriage

Let’s just say it. Kids are hard on marriage. When I make that statement, are you foaming at the mouth or fidgeting a little? Is it something you know but wouldn’t so much as whisper? Why are we so unwilling to acknowledge what most of us have experienced? To say […]

Friends and Lovers

“Before we were married, we were the best of friends,” he says. I’m watching an indie film, only paying partial attention, and the scene is a husband and wife at the end of their divorce. He wanted out, had an affair to seal the deal, she’s devastated and eventually has […]

I Love You, But I Don’t Want to Marry You

The words repeat in my head: I love him, but I don’t want to marry him; I love him, but I don’t want to marry him yet; I love him, but I don’t know if I can give him what he wants – if what he wants is the traditional […]