The Whole Package

Do we believe that beauty is skin deep? That inner beauty radiates when we feel good – or better yet – fantastic? In reflecting on female body image, body shape, the aging body, and all the cultural stereotypes and expectations placed on a woman’s appearance, I couldn’t neglect the critical […]

The AGE Issue: Older Men, Younger Women

Gathered around the water cooler chatting about the latest oo-ah moment on Reality TV?  Or which antidepressant doesn’t impact libido? Arguing on your cell over the term “cougar” – now part of popular culture – whereas “lech” seems to have disappeared from contemporary usage? What do you think – really […]

Be Mine? Be Yours

Those lovely little candy hearts. I can still remember sorting through them, seeking exactly the right sentiment and the perfect pastel color, ready to glue onto construction paper. Red, naturally. Then it was time for crayons, scissors, and Elmer’s. A bit of lace or velvet for a bow. A sprinkle […]

Divorce Over An Affair From 6 Decades Ago?

Seriously? I just came across this news brief from The Telegraph: A 99-year old Italian man is divorcing his 96-year old wife of nearly eight decades. Marriage is no bed of roses, but what could possibly prompt this sort of action? You got it. An affair. An affair which he […]

Bad Girls, Good Guys

Have your eye on the prize, and is it a great new guy? A sexy encounter, or a diamond and marriage? I couldn’t resist this titillating tidbit, compliments of Your Tango. Apparently, research shows that the Bad Girl does get her man. And that means sexing it up, playing the […]