Ten tips for the love-go-round

Ten tips on love? Catchy, isn’t it? If only it were that simple – as easy as a sound bite, or the Idiot’s Guide to Love – ways to hop on and off the love-go-round and grab that brass ring once and for all. Step right up! Great love, loyalty, […]

Billions of bucks in the Love Biz?

Love, thy name is business. Let me count the ways. I’ve been thinking about the Love Biz, musing over my history and wondering about my future, even as I’ve canceled out of yet one more time. Yep, after following the rules of its 6-month guarantee. Love, clearly, isn’t just […]

Love Makes the World Go Round. Yes… Or No?

Are you a closet romantic? An unabashed romantic? How’s that been working out for you… so far? Like most little girls, I grew up with the notion that love makes the world go round. Divine concept, isn’t it? And not wanting to rain on your parade (on my own) – […]

Touch Much? The Benefits of Massage

Who hasn’t longed for a soothing massage after a particularly grueling workout? Even more importantly, who hasn’t needed a therapeutic massage when living with chronic pain and having experienced its positive benefits? A recent article in Time / Healthland reports on a study of the positive impacts of massage. And […]

Rambunctious Recipes for a Wild Weekend

Who doesn’t love food? (No one I know.) It’s the weekend – and a long one at that. So in the interest of a few hours of je ne sais quoi — reading Harper’s Bazaar? Pablo Neruda? Marguerite Duras, preferably au lit? — how about some rambunctious recipes (on a budget) […]