Is Love Blind, Really?

She’s a plain woman and he’s a disfigured man. It’s a classic love story, and very 1940s. But she was always homely, and he was once dashingly handsome, with a privileged life. He’s bitter and resentful, focused on what he’s lost. As they spend time together, her gentleness eases his […]

First Love: Not What We See in the Movies

By Chloe Jeffreys Our first loves are rarely our lasting loves, but that doesn’t stop our inexperienced hearts from throwing all caution to the wind and believing they’ll last forever. I knew everlasting first love existed because I’d seen it in movies. What would begin as a strong dislike-at-first-sight would […]

Ideal Living Arrangement?

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to imagine my ideal living arrangement, but as life changes, so do our opinions on what works for us – and doesn’t. A few days back, the New York Times dished up a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of living alone – […]

All Locked Up

The key to your heart? It’s a charming (and romantic) expression for letting someone in, for making yourself vulnerable, for risking, for trust. But do we really think that love is so easily secured – and guaranteed? That relationships can ever be all locked up? Will a promise, a marriage […]

The Benefits of Touch: Excerpts from Living and Loving with Chronic Pain

What if you’re the caretaker or loved one of someone who suffers from chronic pain? If you love or care for someone who lives with chronic pain, whether the result of illness or injury, all the more reason to pay attention to the careful sharing of touch. Living with Chronic […]