Life After Divorce

Dating. Sort Of.

I’ve been dating. Sort of. I was coffee dating, here and there, off and on, carving out a small pocket of time, when I could. It wasn’t much. Yet I told myself I would give it a go again, say yes again, say yes to everything (within reason). And so […]


Hypervigilance. It’s a word she uses repeatedly, this woman you’re speaking with. The conversation leads to this: questions that boil down to “what is the worst that can happen, what do you imagine if it all goes wrong, what are you so afraid of,” which of course mirrors the questions […]

Catch 22: “Your Best Self”

Becoming  one’s “best self.” Appealing notion, isn’t it? But I’m ambivalent on this topic. Maybe we should scuttle the concept. Not only is it elusive, but isn’t it a potential catch-22, an excuse for not achieving, a dark hole women tumble into as we find ourselves feeling not quite good […]

Once More Into the Brink… What Kids Cost (2012 Edition)

It’s that time of year again! Articles offering up the good news and the bad news when it comes to the costs of raising children. Shall we go with the good news first? We adore our kids – even when they drive us crazy. And now, are you ready for […]

Is Anger a Barrier to Love?

The discussion was energizing if not fruitful: anger as obstacle to love, love versus indifference, and that all popular prescription, “how to move on after divorce.” I will it say straight out. I loathe that expression, moving on. I find it has little bearing on reality in most circumstances, yet […]