Life After Divorce

Choosing Sides

Watching children on a playground can be illuminating. They team up for games in a friendly fashion, or wind up choosing sides as a disagreement over turf breaks out. That disagreement may end in pushing and shoving, tears and shouting, or one group arguing with the other, and storming off […]

Two Words: Never Assume

We take whatever life dishes out, right? And make something of it? Sometimes, that means a pleasant surprise. And last month I had the pleasure of being included in the Circle of Moms Top 25 listing on Single Parenting. A heartfelt thanks to them, as well as to those who […]

Numbers Do Not Lie

We’d been at it for several hours, side by side, each of us on our laptops. Spread on the small ottoman pressing against my knees were stacks of old tax forms. On the chair beside me, two more folders with notes and figures. We actually began the process days ago, […]

How We View a Woman Alone

Is a woman alone always a sad sight? Is this only true in certain scenarios? Why do so many of us perceive the solo female in social circumstances as an object of pity, concern or derision? I suppose that if she’s attractive, smiling, and gazing out a caf or restaurant […]

Matriarchy My… Assets!

The ascent of women. The decline of men. The smarter sex. The richer sex. So sayeth the pundits and pontificators – as media would have us believe that women rule and men drool. Or, at the very least, testosterone is tumbling and matriarchy is on the horizon. Matriarchal America? I […]