The Grass is Always Greener. Not.

Call it Waiting for the Next Great Thing. Call it Neighbor Envy, Sibling Envy, Secret Best Friend Resentment. Call it Commitment Phobia if you prefer – especially if you’re projecting it onto someone you love, who’s holding back emotions and words you crave. Some call it “The Grass is Always […]

What Do You Do When There’s Nothing You Can Do?

It’s 6:00 a.m., and there’s nothing I can do.  I have coffee brewing. My first cup, black. Caf au lait for my son, if he wants it. But I’m keeping my distance right now. I can feel the knot in my stomach. The sense of helplessness. He’s slamming doors and […]

Losing the Habit of Self-Care

It has been gradual and recurrent – this process of ignoring my own needs. Routine needs. The sort of thing that every parent attends to when it comes to a child, that at least one spouse fusses over when it comes to his or her partner. Women seem to be […]

New Normal

Lately I’ve been restless, at times listless, and frequently disoriented. I had hoped the feelings would pass – and they do, briefly. But then they return with a vengeance, and only recently have I come to realize that I could sum up the current situation by saying that I’ve lost […]

Letting Go

I am drinking Darjeeling in a blue bookshop in the West End. I am seated at a small round table that is set with Wedgwood china and a silver service polished to gleaming. I am engaged in conversation with the rotund proprietor. He is remarkably pleasant company, though I’m fixated […]