Take a Chance

When’s the last time you took a risk? Why? Or should I say – why not? Many of us associate risk taking with youth – that sparkling time which we think will never end, when excitement is easily found, and lack of experience makes everything new – and mistakes, plentiful. […]

Why Bethenny Frankel’s Divorce Feels Personal

When I first read about Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy breaking up, I was convinced it was media gossip. I glanced briefly at an article in the tabloid press, dismissed it, and went on with other things. When sound bites concerning the couple’s separation became too glaring to ignore, I […]


Recovery. It’s a term we use when we set out to retrieve something gone missing, hoping to find it. It’s a term we employ following loss or illness, hoping to regain ourselves, battling back – or through – physical and emotional turmoil.   We speak of recovery when talking about […]

The One That Got Away

I won’t say I haven’t wondered about the “one that got away” on occasion, and there are two men I might put in that category as I look back over the years. And I believe I know who my ex would place in that slot, though I imagine he would […]

Have Daughters… Will Divorce?

This brief article caught my eye immediately, then caused me to drop my jaw. Apparently, research attempts to predict the likelihood of divorce based on the gender of a couple’s children. In other words, researchers had previously concluded that when it comes to marriage, men are more likely to stick […]