Short on Judgment? Tall Man, Small Man

He appears to be successful, good looking, and articulate. Sure, he has his particular tastes when it comes to women, just like anyone else. And he happens to be average height – 5’8″ or thereabouts. Have we forgotten what average height is for an American man, though our culture promotes […]


I took a day off yesterday. More precisely, I took the afternoon and evening off. To flirt. It’s something I don’t do often enough. Flirtation is an art form, and it requires practice. Besides, I needed a taste of the outside world, its color and aroma, the adult world. I […]

Aging Out or Giving Up?

Last evening I considered a little lip gloss, the plum mascara, my favorite winter pencil skirt and a pair of hot boots. Yes, heels. I thought about going out – there’s a nice restaurant a few blocks away, with a friendly Cheers bar atmosphere, especially early evening on Fridays. For […]