The Importance of Good Manners

Such a simple gesture. I was walking across a parking lot with a man — a gentleman — who placed his hand on my back and guided me, very slightly, as a car was passing alongside us. He repeated the gesture, directing me just ahead of him, as we approached […]


I’ve yet to convince the universal-powers-that-be to grant the 30-hour day. So what’s up with that? Couldn’t you do with a few more hours than 24 – with everything you’re trying to accomplish or find yourself responsible for? And, it’s the weekend. That time when most expect you can catch […]

Dating an Introvert? Great Idea!

Are you dating an introvert… or living with one? Great! Especially if you’re an introvert, too. Care for an example from my own online adventures? Try this: I come across a profile where the man in question is funny, smart, smiling, tall… These characteristics catch my attention, but when you […]

Relationship Pitfalls: Helping Versus Fixing

Help out a friend? Give generously to a loved one in a committed relationship? We take those as a given, though we may not realize we’re fortunate if we can. But how do you effectively ask for help without becoming mired in obligations? If you’re giving help, how do you […]


He’s slumped on the couch, head back, feet up, eyes closed. His laptop is nearby, along with cables and cords and gadgetry I don’t fully understand – nothing, next to the devices his friends tool around with. He should’ve been getting dressed by now. Or taken off – in my […]