Fab Date 1. Fab Date 2. NO Date 3. Just Not That Into Me?

Even that first phone call was thrilling. This was one Internet date I knew I was going to enjoy! And it turned out we knew each other, too – by reputation. We had friends in common, and traveled in adjacent professional circles. How cool was that! Our first encounter sparkled. […]


Curious George? As a child, I loved that mischief-making little monkey, and the curious streak that led to his charming misadventures. I admire curiosity, and individuals who act on it. Of course, we all know that it poses problems if taken to an extreme. But doesn’t this particular trait offer […]

Looks Good On Paper (Relationships)

Maybe you’ve had one or two. Those “looks good on paper” guys – relationships that are sure to guarantee “happily ever after.”‘ You know what I’m talking about – the kind of man with the right height and hair color, the right schools and degrees, the right profession (and presumably […]

Kissing Frogs

Have you found your frog prince? Have you kissed your share of toads? Have you had it in the dating pool — tiptoeing through your twenties, thrashing through your thirties, or flailing in your forties or fifties? What if you find yourself sassy, sexy, and single in your sixties? Or […]

Why You Shouldn’t Talk to Strangers. Wait… DO… Maybe.

Talking to strangers? Some of my finest encounters have resulted from exactly that. Likewise, a few of my most frightening moments. Let’s start with the positives, shall we? There was the man who helped me when I was 16 and in Soviet Russia. I was traveling as a student with […]