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Fab Date 1. Fab Date 2. NO Date 3. Just Not That Into Me?

Even that first phone call was thrilling. This was one Internet date I knew I was going to enjoy! And it turned out we knew each other, too – by reputation. We had friends in common, and traveled in adjacent professional circles. How cool was that! Our first encounter sparkled. […]

Is Love Blind, Really?

She’s a plain woman and he’s a disfigured man. It’s a classic love story, and very 1940s. But she was always homely, and he was once dashingly handsome, with a privileged life. He’s bitter and resentful, focused on what he’s lost. As they spend time together, her gentleness eases his […]

Adaptable Is Good, Isn’t It?

Some say women are chameleons, especially if they have a romantic “target” in mind. So where is the line between being flexible, adaptable, open to change… versus inauthentic? Some say we all tell our spouses, significant others and friends whatever they want to hear — to quiet a storm that […]

Choosing Sides

Watching children on a playground can be illuminating. They team up for games in a friendly fashion, or wind up choosing sides as a disagreement over turf breaks out. That disagreement may end in pushing and shoving, tears and shouting, or one group arguing with the other, and storming off […]

Two Words: Never Assume

We take whatever life dishes out, right? And make something of it? Sometimes, that means a pleasant surprise. And last month I had the pleasure of being included in the Circle of Moms Top 25 listing on Single Parenting. A heartfelt thanks to them, as well as to those who […]