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Ideal Living Arrangement?

This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to imagine my ideal living arrangement, but as life changes, so do our opinions on what works for us – and doesn’t. A few days back, the New York Times dished up a discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of living alone – […]

How We View a Woman Alone

Is a woman alone always a sad sight? Is this only true in certain scenarios? Why do so many of us perceive the solo female in social circumstances as an object of pity, concern or derision? I suppose that if she’s attractive, smiling, and gazing out a caf or restaurant […]

The Silent Treatment vs Talking Through the Rough Patches

When your lover or spouse doesn’t want to talk, what do you do? Nag him until he spills whatever is going on? Allow time to do its thing, hoping eventually he opens up? How about a few other options? Ways to gently encourage communication through the rough patches that occur […]

Looks Good On Paper (Relationships)

Maybe you’ve had one or two. Those “looks good on paper” guys – relationships that are sure to guarantee “happily ever after.”‘ You know what I’m talking about – the kind of man with the right height and hair color, the right schools and degrees, the right profession (and presumably […]

All Locked Up

The key to your heart? It’s a charming (and romantic) expression for letting someone in, for making yourself vulnerable, for risking, for trust. But do we really think that love is so easily secured – and guaranteed? That relationships can ever be all locked up? Will a promise, a marriage […]