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Knowing When to Quit

When you are raised to fight for what you want, to persevere against the odds, and you are taught that quitting is an act of weakness – knowing when to quit is a tough call. Doing it, even tougher. Naturally, context is important. “Quit while you’re ahead” works fine for […]


Recovery. It’s a term we use when we set out to retrieve something gone missing, hoping to find it. It’s a term we employ following loss or illness, hoping to regain ourselves, battling back – or through – physical and emotional turmoil.   We speak of recovery when talking about […]

Ten tips for the love-go-round

Ten tips on love? Catchy, isn’t it? If only it were that simple – as easy as a sound bite, or the Idiot’s Guide to Love – ways to hop on and off the love-go-round and grab that brass ring once and for all. Step right up! Great love, loyalty, […]

Bad Relationship Choices

We’re chatting about relationships. A string of bad relationships – and bad relationship choices. Mine. I insist that I never saw the end coming. Or for that matter, I didn’t predict the less than happy “middle” either. “We all have choices,” he says to me. “Some of us may have […]

Billions of bucks in the Love Biz?

Love, thy name is business. Let me count the ways. I’ve been thinking about the Love Biz, musing over my history and wondering about my future, even as I’ve canceled out of yet one more time. Yep, after following the rules of its 6-month guarantee. Love, clearly, isn’t just […]